‘Deimos’: Lamborghini’s New SUV? image

Lamborghini will unveil at the Beijing Motor Show a SUV, the successor of the Gallardo, under the trademark ‘Deimos’.

It appears that the company loves to give its models names with an important significance. In Greek mythology, Deimos was the personification of fear, dread and terror. Espada is the Spanish word for sword, sometimes used to refer to the bullfighter himself, the Miura was named after a breed of Spanish fighting bulls, the Islero was named for the Miura bull that killed the famed bullfighter Manolete in 1947. The Urraco and Jalpa were also a reference to a breed of bulls. It seems that Deimos makes a departure from the ‘bull’ theme.

This SUV won’t be the company’s first, since Lamborghini built the LM002 from 1986 to 1993, originally for military use, it was never adopted for that purpose and became the luxury-appointed SUV of choice for Arab sheiks and dictators.

The company also plans to replace the Gallardo by a new sports car supposedly named Cabrera, which will be unveiled in 2013. But the company didn’t confirm the news, so firstly let’s see what the Deimos will be.