“Now is the winter of our discontent”, said the GM officials image

William Shakespeare has once said, “Now is the winter of our discontent”. He might be aware of the confidence and attitude of General Motors officials these days after the test drive of Chevrolet Cruze. The company is all set to cruse along the developing financial scenario of the world and the developing status of automotive industries.

The Company is one of the oldest companies of the industries but is passing through the worst ever phase of the history of the company. The year 2008 and 2009 were the most depressive years of the Company and therefore the inspiring and fighting natured officials and engineers have decided to pull back and fight back to achieve the top place in the industries.

The Chevrolet brand of the company is more popular for making larger cars as they had the belief that, “Larger is Royal”. But the trend is changed and so are the preferences of car lovers. The company also has learnt to follow the trend and have created the compact car “Chevrolet Cruze”. The slogan “smaller is smarter” is definitely ruling the car world and everyone is adding their selves under this umbrella. The officials of GM were quite happy that the test drive of the car was quite satisfactory and pleasure providing.

“We were quite cautious while test drive as these days many of the call back decisions are becoming common and we are never in the mood to suffer further loss. The days of dismal situations are past now and we are eying on making profit out of sales of this cars. We are quite confident about the quality of Cruze and also are optimist about the response of the car lovers”, said one of the officials of GM.

“The engineers have done remarkable jobs in making these compact cars. We are aware of upcoming competition in smaller car industries but the plus point is with us as Honda will be able to launch the next small cars around 2012. Till the time we are quite hopeful for best possible response of the car users for our Cruze. These cars are going to get launched around September and in the end of year we are going to launch the blasting and explosive cars of the year. The high profile introduction of Chevrolet Volt is awaited by the car lovers since long. It would be one of the rare electric cars with range extending gas engine. So, we are now quite set for rocking the markets. We can not comment on the market sales of cars, but are quite confident to enhance our sales with the help of these fabulous cars”, said the President of General Motors in North America Mark Reuss.