“Toyota Global Contribution Award” Won by Autoliv image

Toyota Motor Corporation’s 2012 Global Supplier Convention in Nagoya, Japan Autoliv, Inc. was given the “Global Contribution Award” and nominated the worldwide leader in automotive safety systems, for its contributions during 2011.

The award, which is the highest possible honor to be bestowed on a supplier by Toyota, was presented by Fujio Cho, Chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation. The Global Contribution Award recognizes global companies for superior delivery, quality, innovation, technology and cost improvement performance. Each year Toyota honors only 3 out of more than 450 global suppliers with the award.

Autoliv’s CEO Jan Carlson declared that the company is very proud and humble at the same time for this award. Over the last 25 years Toyota and Aotoliv have worked very closely to acquire a continuous improvement on many aspects of their business, and also for the evolution of the Autoliv Production System. Autoliv also received the “Mass Innovation Award”, for the Inflatable Curtain technology designed especially for the new Toyota hybrid small car Aqua (Prius C), where Autoliv achieved 40% cost improvement with this new development and 50% weight reduction.

Autoliv is known for supplying Toyota with seatbelts, airbags and steering wheels, also supportin the company with design engineering and testing expertise in automotive safety and crash safety capabilities.