Consumer Reports picked a list with the best and the worst cars you can buy in the United States from a variety of segments.

Even if such a list is somehow subjective, the magazine’s charts are highly appreciated in the automotive industry as the overall scores are based on road-test experience, reliability, owner satisfaction, and safety, including government and insurance industry crash-test results. As an example, Consumer Reports buys every car it tests, just like customers do, and drive them more than 2,000 miles to gain real-world feel. “Our new Overall Score is the only way to see the full picture of how a car stacks up,” says Jake Fisher, director of auto testing for Consumer Reports. “This makes it easy to see which cars are the best and the worst.”

It also has a large 327-acre test facility, employing around 20 staff members, including automotive engineers and technicians. The reliability and owner satisfaction ratings are based on data gathered from Consumer Reports’ subscribers, claiming it analyses more than 740,000 vehicles.

With a huge variety of models out there, prospective buyers are usually going to take a deeper look at such “lists”. But their 10 worst cars on the market do not only have major drawbacks, the magazine pointed out, as “several of these vehicles are due for replacement this year, and are likely to be carrying significant incentives, or at least have some generous negotiating room.”

So, here we go…

Consumer Reports 10 Bottom Picks for 2016:
Lowest-rated subcompact: Mitsubishi Mirage
Lowest-rated compact: Fiat 500L
Lowest-rated midsize sedan: Chrysler 200
Lowest-rated compact luxury car: Mercedes-Benz CLA250
Lowest-rated midsize luxury car: Lincoln MKS
Lowest-rated family SUV: Dodge Journey
Lowest-rated luxury compact SUV: Land Rover Discovery Sport
Lowest-rated large luxury SUV: Cadillac Escalade
Lowest-rated minivan: Chrysler Town & Country
Lowest-rated green car: Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Consumer Reports 10 Top Picks of 2016
Best subcompact car: Honda Fit
Best compact car: Subaru Impreza
Best midsize car: Toyota Camry
Best small SUV: Subaru Forester
Best luxury SUV: Lexus RX
Best sports car under $40K: Mazda Miata
Best large car: Chevrolet Impala
Best midsize SUV: Kia Sorento
Best pickup truck: Ford F-150
Best minivan: Toyota Siena



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