100,000th VW Scirocco Rolls Out image

In spite of the fact that the reborn Scirocco produced by Volkswagen may not be available in North American market, it doesn’t mean that this sports coupe that is low-slung is unpopular in the company’s home market.

It has been recently reported that 100, 000th Scirocco of the third generation was produced and VW, of course, celebrated that event.
The current model (third generation) is only going through its second year of sales, since being introduced in 2008. Volkswagen sold just under 800,000 of the previous generation Sciroccos since the Golf-derived model first went on sale in 1972 (first generation).

Autoeuropa Plant Manager, Andreas Hinrichs said in a recent report,
“The Scirocco is one of the most important cars that we produce. For myself personally, it was a moving moment.”

The new Scirocco is offered with a variety of diesel and petrol engines ranging in output from 122HP (1.4 TSI) to the high power 265HP (‘R’ 2.0 TSI).