Nissan to build Logan model in Russia image

The Renault Nissan Group is taking one extra step into their collaboration with the Nissan company producing Renault’s Logan model in Russia.

Targeted on the low-cost segment, the Logan which will be manufactured by Nissan in Russia has a main purpose: increasing sales in the local auto market.

Even though the company’s Aprio model is already built on the Logan platform, Bruno Acenlin said: “This will be our first Nissan based on the Logan platform”. The chief of Renault Russia didn’t give any extra details about the new car but minor modifications are expected.

The Renault-Nissan Group owns 25 percent of AvtoVaz stocks and the alliance is planning to double it and eventually reach 1.6 million car deliveries by 2016, covering 40 % of Russia’s auto market.

The Nissan Logan’s production will start in 2012 in Russia and the plant on which the car will “come to life” will also produce engines and transmissions for the three partners (Renault, Nissan, AvtoVaz) from 2013, according to Bruno Ancelin.