104 million cars on Chinese roads, official data reveals image

Statistics from the Chinese Ministry of Public Security’s Transport Administration Bureau show that there are more than 104 million automobiles on China’s roads as of November.

According to a report from chinanews.com, the number of authorized drivers has reached 234 million. It is clear from these statistics that many cities in China have fully embraced the automobile.

In the first months of 2011, 16.28 million new vehicles were sold in China, an increase of 7.86 percent from last year. Of the total 16.28 million, 13.61 million were automobiles, which recorded an increase of 14.98 percent from the same period last year. And in October, for the first time in China’s history, the number of automobiles surpassed that of motorcycles, a clear indication that automobiles are on their way to becoming the country’s preferred means of transportation. Of all automobiles that are currently registered in China, personal and household owners account for 74.17 percent.

Official statistics also show that currently 14 Chinese cities have more than one million vehicles on their roads. The most crowded city is Beijing, with 4.72 million, with ten other cities recording increases of over 20 percent this year. Sadly, more automobiles on the roads means more pollution, an area where China is also a world leader.