Tesla Model X coming in 2014 image

The Tesla specialists in electric-powered vehicles have announced a new model which will be an SUV and will use the same technology and powertrain found on the manufacturer’s cars.

According to the CEO within Tesla, Elon Musk, the seven-seat model will be presented in December and if everything goes according to plan the production will start in 2013, with the SUV hitting the dealerships one year later. “So far it is looking good, I do not think anything will cause an issue”, said the Tesla Motors official.

The auto maker is expected to produce 15.000 units of the Model X each year and in a world where electric cars are more and more popular and SUV sales are increasing, the new car from Tesla has a good chance to be a success.

The Model X is Tesla’s third electric car, the first one being the expensive Roadster, which was priced at around 109.000 US dollars.