11 People Hit in L.A. by a 100-Year-Old Driver image

A 100-year-old man driving a Cadillac hit 11 people, including 9 children, near a school in Los Angeles.

Parents were picking up their children after the classes when a massive blue Cadillac backed on the sidewalk right across the elementary school. The driver hit 11 people, from which 9 children. A witness said that it took the driver two or three seconds stop the car after people began screaming. When firefighters arrived, four of the children were in critical condition but they were quickly stabilized and taken to the hospital in serious condition.

Preston Carter, the driver, cooperated with the police and also talked to television reporters. Drugs or alcohol were not the cause of the accident and Carter mentioned that he will be 101 years old on September 5th. He also said that his brakes failed and he couldn’t control the car anymore. He was pulling out of the grocery store parking lot, and accidentally backed onto the sidewalk instead into the street.

“I think it was a miscalculation on his part. The gentleman is elderly,” said police Capt. George Rodriguez. “Obviously he is going to have some impairment on his decision making.”