The spectacular supercar concept unveiled during the Concours d’Elegance will soon enter a limited production phase with a $2 million price tag.

This is not a supercar you will see too often in your life – or there are even bigger chances you won’t ever see it in metal and gasoline flesh anytime during your lifetime. So, we should all feast our eyes on these photos, as we can never have too many small series fancy supercars.

Laraki Motors was founded in Morrocco but is now based in California, hence the Pebble Beach unveiling and the sheikh pleasing design ushered by the Abdesslam Laraki designer/founder of the company.

You won’t easily guess it, but the basis for the Epitome concept is a Corvette C6 chassis, which has received new carbon fiber body panels to lower the curb weight to just around 2,800 lbs (1,270 kg).

The power comes from a seriously modified 7.0L Chevy small block engine with a pair of added turbos for convenience and if it runs on the usual fuel pump it will churn out a measly 1100-1200 bhp. However, the concept actually features two fuel tanks — one for standard pump gas, and another for 110 octane racing fuel. And, with a single button push the ECU will be remapped and the car will use fuel from both tanks to push out the maximum estimated rating of 1,750 horsepower. Good job indeed!

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