114 US Audi Dealers Earned the 2012 Magna Society Awards image

Audi of America’s top performing dealerships earned the 2012 Magna Society recognition.

Last year Audi reported record sales results and identified its top dealerships in the US with the best sales results. Therefore 114 Audi dealers received the 2012 Magna Society recognition for their strong overall business performance and superlative customer service. Audi also named 11 dealerships as 2012 Audi Elite Magna Society winners, as the bets of the best.

“At Audi, we are constantly improving the customer experience each time a consumer interacts with our premium brand,” said Mark Del Rosso, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Audi of America. “With the annual Magna Society awards, Audi celebrates U.S. dealers who have advanced their goals while maintaining a thriving business model.”

For 2012 Audi reported record sales of 1,455,123 vehicles sold, up 11.7% compared with 2011. The automaker’s best-selling model for 2012 was the Audi A4 saloon, which sold 216,012 units, followed by the A6 saloon with 214,129 units and the Q5 with 205,986 units. Lamborghini sold 2,083 vehicles last year, compared with 1,602 units sold in 2011. The total figure includes 922 Aventadors and 1,161 Gallardos. Ducati sold 41,102 units, a record for the Italian brand.