125 Years of the Automobile – the most embarrassing cars of all time image

Big mistakes, we make them all.
Here is the list with the most embarrassing cars of all time – a list voted by the readers and users of Autobild magazine.
And as an added bonus, we put in a link to the equally bad Italian commercial for the Fiat Multipla, the winner among losers in the list, with none other thanMichael Schumacher. It was dubbed into French and English, but we couldn’t find the horrendous English one. Feel free to watch it and laugh derisively anyway.
Ok, here is the list:
Cadillac Cimarron: Why did GM go bankrupt again? Oh yeah, it was because of crap like this.
Austin Allegro
Talbot Tagora
Mini Metro
Chevrolet Corvair
Alfa Arna: One word: woof! Thank your lucky stars this Alfa never made it to North America.
AMC Gremlin: Ugly and crappy vehicles work on both sides of the pond, no one escapes this.
Yugo 65 Cabrio: And you thought the Yugo was bad? Rolling crud without a roof.
Ford Edsel: Okay, it’s a given.
Maybach 62 S: Who would have thought an overwrought S-Class that looked like a bar of soap for a half million dollars would be an embarrassing failure?
VW 411
SsangYong Rodius: It makes an Aztek look almost attractive.
Audi Q7 V12 TDI – The big elephant that costs 100,000 Euros !!!
AWS Shopper
and … finally Nr1 :
The Fiat Multipla: A hideous piece of Italian waste masquerading as a minivan.