13 Major Automakers Approve Doubling Fuel-Efficiency by 2025 image

Yesterday, April 11th, the Public Works Committee and the Senate Environment held a confirmation hearing on the environmental regulations proposed by the Obama administration.

Gina McCarthy, was the one who negotiated a deal with the major automakers, trying to convince them of the necessity of doubling fuel-efficiency standards to 54.5 mpg by 2025. The Republicans assaulted the proposal with tough questions, as they firmly oppose all environmental regulations which in their opinion will kill jobs.

“Those standards reflect the joint work of states, the automobile industry and labor, as well as the federal government,” McCarthy said. “They offer a first-rate illustration of a key lesson that my long career in public service has taught me: that environmental protections do not come solely out of government or out of Washington.”

Even if Sen. Jeff Sessions and other Republicans consider than the EPA impacts every American citizen and doubt human behavior has anything to do with the increasing global temperatures and global climate change, Sen. Barbara Boxer, the chair of the committee, praises the work done by the Obama administration to increase fuel-efficiency standards. The deal was approved by 13 major car makers, among which the Detroit’s Big Three.