14 year old thief stole a Ferrari from… his parents image

Happy ending story in Germany where a 14 year old kid had stolen a 200.000 Ferrari from his parents.

A husband and wife from Berlin were stopped by the Police on their way back from Spain and were announced that their Ferrari has been stolen by a 14 year old kid, who turned out to be the couple’s son.

It appears that the kid didn’t resist tentation and used the supercar from Maranello for a ride into town. The dissapearance of both the 200.000 Ferrari and the kid were noticed by a close relative, and the Police initially thought it was a kidnapping or a car theft.

Things were cleared after the policemen found the car in traffic, but not before a movie-like chase thru the city.

According to a German Police spokesman, the kid couldn’t resist tentation of driving the car and, in the end, he didn’t show any regards for his action.