Honey, I’ve bought some new furniture! image

Mercedes is one of the top automakers in the world and their legacy is far beyond vehicles as the next photo gallery shows us, where furniture has been made using German based “technology” and beds wearing the Stuttgart manufacturer’s logo are a “must” for every fanatic out there.

Remember the 2000 S-Class front end turned into a working desk by someone who appears to be the owner of a dealership or car wash or something in the Middle East? We thought he was unique but after a quick research on the internet he seems to be just one out of many others who prefer to touch a Mercedes most of the day.

Now fans of the German automaker have something to wish for this Christmas besides driving that new AMG and they can be around the brand all day and night, sleeping in a Mercedes bed, going to work in a Mercedes and having a Mercedes desk, among many other.

By far the most iconic image of them all is this one which can only be described as a husband saying to his wife: “Honey, I’ve bought some new furniture! Do you like it?”


You can see the rest of the images after the jump! Enjoy!

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