144 Lamborghini Aventadors recalled in the U.S. for headlight flaw image

If you thought a $390,000 supercar can’t have flaws, think again.

VW Group-owned Automobili Lamborghini SpA announced it is recalling Aventador cars from the 2012 model year in the United States to correct flaw in their headlights.

Lamborghini’s flagship model, the Aventador, starts at around $390,000 in the United States. The automaker explained in a filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) it received a bad batch of headlight assemblies that cannot be adjusted vertically for correct aiming.

The company said the lights were installed incorrectly, in such a way that allows them to be adjusted horizontally but not vertically. That is the exact opposite of how they should have been set up.

According to Lamborghini, the recall affects 144 cars built from July 15 2011 through April 20 2012. A headlight that is incorrectly set may increase the risk of a crash by affecting the driver’s visibility or by blinding oncoming traffic.

The recall action requires dealers to rework the headlights to enable the vertical aiming and disable the horizontal aiming feature. The recall will begin in late December. Owners of the affected cars may contact Lamborghini’s U.S. subsidiary at 866-681-6276.