US President Barack Obama is scheduled to talk today about the rising importance of further investments in new technologies in the automotive industry and road infrastructure, with a focus on safety and energy efficiency.

Tuesday, the president is scheduled to tour the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center in McLean, Virginia, after which he will hold a speech on the grounds of the institute that specializes on the research of new technologies and innovation in the highway transportation sector.

Obama is expected to make remarks specifically targeted towards the advent of vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication technology. Research on the matter is being currently conducted by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute – in partnership with eight automakers, including Ford and GM.

According to the White House, such technologies could potentially avoid around 80% of the crashes that don’t involve an impaired driver, while also providing extensive fuel savings in current day-to-day drives by making available real-time traffic information.

Back in February, the federal automotive regulator, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also disclosed it would push for the adoption of the vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology – primarily in cars at the beginning. Vehicles that “talk” to each other and built in sensors – providing data such as speed or the exact positioning – embedded in the road infrastructure would allow for the drivers to avoid many car accidents.


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