10 drugs you shouldn’t take while driving image

YouTube is once again helping us in making our news and presenting them to you and a recent video found on the popular site is today’s guest star. Even if the video has been uploaded more than two years ago, we bet our commercials that it will make you laugh.

The video has been made as a “guide” of what drugs not to take before driving and it’s showing us a man in his BMW 7-Series E32 “experimenting” with everything, starting with cocaine end finishing with adhesive, going through LSD, heroin and ecstasy on the way.

Because the video is in German and the subtitles are in Romanian, you can see the whole drug list here: Number 1 – Heroin, Number 2 – Marijuana, Number 3 – LSD, Number 4 – Cocaine, Number 5 – Alcohol, Number 6 – Valium, Number 7 – Ecstasy, Number 8 – Adhesive, Number 9 – Absinth and Number 10 – All of them combined.

So now when you decide to use something to make your life “easier”, please, don’t go driving. You can watch the video below. Enjoy!