Currently in development stage, Ford’s Green Zone system could soon commandeer the task of choosing when to use electric gas or hybrid power on the US automaker’s models.

Let’s skip the shenanigans – hybrid models can be extremely useful or, in certain cases, extremely strenuous – to get close to the promised mileage careful planning needs to be done, and then during the travel you have to constantly jog between the electric/gas hybrid modes.

But the Green Zone system takes all that away – by promising to definitely increase the energy efficiency of the maker’s hybrid models. And they do need it – remember that Ford took twice to lower the mileage ratings on some of its hybrid models not long ago?

“We want to create a system that is as flexible as possible to meet the needs of as many customers as possible,” explains Jason Meyer, the Ford programmer for the Green Zone project.

Meyer says that when a Ford hybrid is powered, if the battery is fully charged, it will start rolling out on electric power alone then switch to gas when the battery pack is discharged. But that’s not the most efficient scenario sometimes. The Green Zone system uses a mapping solution to automatically switch from battery to gas and back. In the initial form, the owner provides the zero-emissions periods (green zones), then the system should also adapt – putting in things like traffic or the road’s banking.



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