The estimation for the January 2012 U.S. auto sales is 14 million units, lifted the forecast for the entire year.

Since retail light-vehicle sales this month are strong, there is also an optimistic view for the sales going forward.

“We’re increasingly confident that the fundamentals are in place to support an upbeat outlook for the coming year,” declared John Humphrey, senior vice president of global automotive operations at Power.

LMC Automotive forecast an increased full-year sale for light-vehicles of 14.0 million units from 13.8 million, and for retail sales from 11.3 million units to 11.4 million units. Total U.S. sales rose 10 percent last year to 12.8 million as the industry continued to recover from the 27-year lows of 2009.

“Through the first half of February, things are looking real solid,” said Sid DeBoer, CEO of Lithia Motors. “We look forward to continued growth in 2012.”

February new-vehicle retail sales are projected to come in at 857,400 units, an increase of 5 percent from February 2011. The recovery in vehicle sales continues through February, and the concerns about the financial crisis in Europe are not holding back the momentum of the automotive recovery in the U.S.


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