15% Sales Jump For Nissan in Europe image

The sales of vehicles manufactured in Europe brought Nissan a 15% rise in January 2012, to 55,098 units.

Qashqai crossover, built in Sunderland, dominates the market with about 20,000 units sold last month, while its smaller version, Juke, contributed with a 33% jump, rivaling the Qashqai in some markets including Russia and the UK.

But another segment that made an important contribution is the majority of its light commercial vehicles, which were sold in Europe at the Barcelona and Avila plants, in Spain, bringing a 16% increase in overall sales.

“Nissan is reaping the benefit of putting our customers’ desires and expectations ahead of traditional thinking. In the crossover segment we identified an unmet need and produced Murano, Qashqai and Juke – one of our most successful model families ever.

And we are also innovating across our range introducing new engines, new technologies and new ideas. This is the main reason we enjoyed a record 2011 in Europe, and it is extremely encouraging to see this level of sales success and momentum carrying over into 2012,” declared Nissan Vice President for Sales Operations in Europe, Guillaume Cartier.

The Russian market brought the company the biggest monthly increase, 5.7% in January 2011 to 7.4% this year. France and the UK achieved 22%, Italy 4% and the Nordic Region (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Baltics) 4.6%.