150 Employees at TRW Automotive Plant in Auburn Went on Strike image

On Monday night, May 7th, 150 members of the International Chemical Workers Union Council went on strike from their jobs at the TRW Automotive (TRW) plant located in Auburn.

Workers were still in front of the plant on Tuesday morning with signs which accused TRW of corporate greed. Gregory Large, the Union president, declared that TRW wants to change shifts to either three 12-hour days or four 10-hour days on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. He added that the company also plans to make other concessions including that of hiring temporary, non-union workers that would make up 20% of the factory’s workforce. What makes the Union angrier is the agreement made 3 years ago according to which workers agreed to a pay cut of $0.93 an hour and losing some vacation days, hoping that things would get better.

“We are supposed to resume negotiations tomorrow in hopes of reaching a tentative agreement. We don’t normally discuss issues during on-going negotiations,” said TRW spokesman John Wilkerson.

TRW has operations in 26 countries and has over 600,000 employees in the entire world. In 2011 the company reported sales of $16.2 billion, but its report for the latest quarter shows profit margins have declined.