1,500 jobs in the doubling of the Jaguar Land Rover Merseyside plant image

Tata Motor, parent company of Jaguar Land Rover, is reportedly seeking to double the factory size at Halewood, which is currently building the Freelander and Evoque models . The plans include creating 1,500 new jobs taking the total number of the workforce to 4,500 workers. Allowing this to keep up with demand for its models.

The Investment circulating around the 100 million pounds sterling mark, looking into expansion on the surrounding grounds of the factory. Although the plan is currently at its early stages.

This news comes as the company already been hard at work building a 335 million pounds sterling engine plant in Wolverhampton and also developing its Solihull factory. Hiring thousands of new staff in the last year alone with the goal of launching new models.

The workforce had to do overtime through Christmas to try and keep up with demand. It is expected that the company will post new profits, that can go as high as 1,5 billion pounds sterling, for the 2012 financial year.

The UK might also break its record of car production by 2022 following the investments of 4 billion pounds sterling over the last year form the like of Toyota, BMW and Jaguar Land Rover. Record held from its golden years of the ‘70s.

Under the new parent company TATA, Jaguar Land Rover currently invest 1 billion pounds sterling a year into research and development. And is looking to launch 40 new vehicles in the news five years.