1903 Ford Model A is looking for a new owner image

The world’s oldest Ford Model A, a 1903 fully restored model, will be looking for a new owner at RM Auctions who will have to pay between 300,000 and 500,000 USD before being able to take it home.

The 109-year old Ford Model A only had five owners in its entire existence and the vehicle is coming with a two-cylinder engine, producing 8 HP, which was completely restored back in 2007. The engine is still identical to the original one and it isn’t coming with any modifications or new technologies. The 1903 Ford Model A will be sold by RM Auctions at Antique Automobile Club of America, in Hershey.

The 1903 Ford Model A Rear Entry Tonneau is currently owned by a Houston lawyer, named John M. O’Quinn, but it was sold for $880 back in 1903, on the 13th of July, to Herbert L. McNary in Britt, Iowa, who was a butter-maker. McNary kept the car in his family for 50 years and, since then, the vehicle had four owners. The 1903 Ford Model A Rear Entry Tonnau is getting a two-cylinder engine which is producing 8 HP. The car will be offered for auction this month and it’s expected to go from 300,000 to 500,000 USD.