1921 Bentley sold for €668.100 at Pebble Beach image

The world’s oldest Bentley has found a new owner during the Pebble Beach auction, where the 1921-made car, with number 3 written on its chassis, was sold for 668.100 euros ($964.635).

Even though the car auctioned at Pebble Beach didn’t have any “pedigree”, the Bentley 3 Liter won the Le Mans 24 Hours Race in 1924 and 1927, scoring five wins in eight years and also being responsible for creating the Bentley legend.

The oldest Bentley was initially bought for 1.150 British pounds and was sold 90 years later for €668.100, being 100 percent original with no modifications made. The 1921 Bentley auctioned at Pebble Beach wasn’t even restored proving that passion and car manufacturing come hand in hand.

The most expensive car ever sold at an auction was a Ferrari Testa Rossa Prototype, which also found a new owner at the same Pebble Beach Gooding & Co. auction, for $16.390.000. Both cars, the Bentley and the Ferrari, include a 10 percent tax applied by the auction organizer.