A very rare 1935 Hoffman X-8 has been recently brought to the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance over the last weekend where it managed to attract quite a crowd.

Ferraris and Lamborghinis are cool, Mercedes-Benz vehicles will get you from A to B in no time and Rolls-Royce will make everyone look like the Queen of England (and that’s a good thing here) but if you’re looking for exclusivity, than what better car to own than a classic one, and if you afford a total restoration, than you will definitely attract all eyes to your “brand new” ride.

The 1935 Hoffman X-8 isn’t what you might call “attractive”, with its peculiar headlights and shield shaped front grille, but, even so, it still has some aces up its sleeve. The classic car in question has a steel unibody and the engine has been mounted behind the passenger compartment, so, theoretically, this is a mid-engined car, because the power unit is fitted in front of the rear axle.

Under the hood, the 1935 Hoffman X-8 is getting an X8 engine. Yes, you read well, no typo here, because the model has 8 cylinders arranged in an X layout. Henry Ford has also tried these X8 engines but the ones he made were air-cooled flatheads, while the ones in the Hoffman were water-cooled with overhead cams.

Source: WCF


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