1949 BMW Veritas goes up for auction image

A unique looking 1949 BMW Veritas, which can be named as anything except good looking, is being offered up for auction by the famous RM, at Auctions America in Chicago, but its “sellers” didn’t provide an estimated price for the vehicle.

Even if the 1949 BMW Veritas isn’t really the best looking model from the German based automaker, the vehicle is definitely a unique looking machine and for those of you who didn’t knew this before, the Veritas bodies have been put together by Hermann Spohn Koresseriebau of Ravensburg, with the engines coming from stock or modified BMW 326 or 328.

“It was the work of Ernst Loof, Georg Meier and Lorenz Dietrich. Dietrich had worked for BMW, while Meier was a winner of the 1939 motorcycle Tourist Trophy, and Loof was also a motorcycle champ who had managed BMW’s sports department. After World War II, the trio decided to build a car based on BMW components. Since the Allied Forces occupying Germany would not allow the manufacture of engines larger than one liter, customers were to bring their own drivetrains, which would be installed at the factory in Hausern”, as the RM Auction House says in the history provided for the vehicle.

The 1949 BMW Veritas isn’t expected to get a lot of money as you probably think when you’re reading these news, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a unique and fascinating vehicles.