1958 Ferrari Berlinetta to be auctioned for $3.6m image

A unique 1958 Ferrari Berlinetta will be auctioned at the famous RM’s annual London event, being expected to fetch around 3.6 million USD, even if the “old timer” isn’t 100 percent original anymore after apparently its owner changed its engine and transmission for a while.

Not too long ago we’ve talked about a 1972 Lamborghini Miura which was also auctioned for over $1m and because exclusivity doesn’t come cheap, rare and old supercars will always play a significant role in our lives just like this 1958 Ferrari Berlinetta does.

It seems that the Ferrari Berlinetta is not powered by its original V12 engine which has been changed for a three-liter single cam unit which is developing a total output of 250 horsepower at 7.000 rpm, but considering the fact that the vehicle raced in the 2005 Mille Miglia, which actually counts as “racing pedigree”, the supercar will be auctuined for 3.6 million dollars.

The 1958 Ferrari Berlinetta which will hit the RM’s event in London is one of 39 with the covered headlamps, which obviously means a lot when writing huge checks for an old supercar with a Ford engine and transmission.