The historic and rare lightweight Jaguar E-Type vehicle is back, which was completely dead following the damage in 1964.

This vehicle after so many years has finally been unveiled and took efforts of over 5,000 hours. Well, the restoration work is successful after 47 years of operation. The lightweight Jaguar E-Type was crashed on the Montlhery circuit in France that took the life of driver Peter Lindner. The Jaguar has got a new life due to the chairman of Bridgnorth’s Classic Motors Cars, Peter Neumark, who restored this vehicle by saying that the work had taken four consecutive years and over 5,000 hours.

Only 12 lightweight models were produced by the competition department of Jaguar in 1963. However, only one model was returned to experience introductory work for the LeMans race in 1964. While the car was getting prepared for LeMans, the Brown’s Lane factory built-in specially designed low-drag body by Malcolm Sayer that made the car truly special.

Still, there are no plans to sell this amazingly restored car, but it can cost nearly £5m. Enzo Ferrari was once described this E-Type model as the most beautiful in the world and is set to reveal itself later this month at the Villa d’Este motor show in Italy. Also, it will get unveiled at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in Sussex in the month of July this year. Well, there are few more venues on the list where this legendary car will make its presence.

For 10 years after the crash, no one was allowed to touch the car, said by Mr Neumark. Later, in 1976 another restoration team, Guy Black made an attempt to bring back its life, but the damage incurred very severely that forced to use another factory body. At last for four years, the Bridgnorth’s Classic Motor Cars, which is specialized in restoring the Jaguars for museums and private clients, bought the car along with the damaged body occurred due to crash.

In a statement, the team has mentioned that they have used 90 percent of the original metal in E-Type’s body. Peter Neumark has said in his statement – this is one of the most major restorations ever to take place in the World. Many said that it could not be done, but we have proved them wrong.




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