1966 Ford Mustang owned by Charlie Sheen is auctioned for charity image

A classic 1966 Ford Mustang Nascar Convertible which used to belong to Hollywood star Charlie Sheen has been auctioned for charity and considering the fact that the muscle car is packing some “Nascar” goodies along with a celebrity who previously owned it, than the vehicle is expected to reach around 300.000 USD.

The 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible has only done 155 miles since restoration and it’s approved for street use in California. The muscle car can also be driven in competition racing sanctioned venues such as the NASA and HSR, the Club Events or possible Vara.

After being completely restored, the 1966 Mustang is now generation an impressive 650 horsepower and has some interesting features on it like the six-speed transmission with scattershield, Nascar type hydraulic clutch, battery mounted in the trunk, MSD ignition system, electric fan thermostatically controlled, four-piston caliper disc brakes, four-piston master cylinders and many other things.

The exterior has been painted, as you can see, in red, with the Black Lemans style center stripes and Boss 429 type hood scoop and all chrome trim pieces have been powdercoated black.