20-year old kid burns Ferrari 458 to force his father to buy him a new one image

He even paid 3 accomplices to do the job for him while he made sure he had a proper alibi.

What would you do if you got tired of your supercar, a Ferrari 458 Italia in this case, and your father is a successful oil tycoon? Well, you obviously wouldn’t ask him for the money to buy a new one, because that’s not “manly” enough. The 20-year old kid had come up with a big plan to make his father buy him a new supercar and he paid 3 accomplices a total of 15,000 USD to torch the exotic vehicle, while he made sure that he has a proper alibi.

The sad part is that this Ferrari 458 wasn’t even his only exotic ride as it is believed to be the owner of no less than 15 expensive vehicles. He has been given a property portfolio from his father worth around 30 million USD and he also received up to 10,000 USD monthly, from his parent. The Italian supercar was torched right next to the German border and the other three guys have been identified thanks to surveillance cameras and the phone calls the vandals took, which have divulged “Richie Rich’s” plan. The police has arrested all four boys and the owner of the Ferrari had paid 200,000 euros in bail and he is on probation for 22 months. He also paid a 30,000 euros fine and the others received 14 to 16 months on probation.

Via 20min