A 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse has been recently turned into a Lamborghini Reventon replica by a 30-year old Ukrainian from the city of Odessa.

After just a day before writing this article we were telling you about a 28-year old Chinese mechanic, who has made himself a Lamborghini Reventon replica from scrap metal and used car parts after spending approximately 10,000 USD, the Italian supercar made in a limited run is entering our news once again, but not as you might have expected. A 30-year old man from Odessa, Ukraine, has turned his 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse into a replica of the Lamborghini Reventon.

This age is apparently critical for these two and I hope this isn’t catchy because I’m in the same “zone”. However, moving on, to the Lambo Reventon replica, which too two years to manufacture and it was made in Alexander’s home, with help from his friends and family. Work on the Japanese donor has started back in 2010 and, two years later, this came up. It’s your job to decide whether passion for a supercar taken to extreme can be criticized or not. Meanwhile, enjoy the photo gallery below.

Source: Car Scoop


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