2009 Bugatti Veyron lagoon crash allegedly staged for insurance claim image

The 2009 crash of a Bugatti Veyron into a Texas lagoon is reported to have been an alleged case of insurance fraud, as a federal judge decided the complaint should go before a jury.

Recorded on an amateur video that was viewed nearly 2.6 million times on YouTube, the crash is being challenged by Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company, which provided $2 million in collector-car insurance for the Veyron.

The company claims that the owner of the supercar, Andy House of Lufkin, Texas, intentionally drove the car into the lagoon to destroy it and get a big insurance payoff. The 2010 federal complaint also names one Lloyd Gillespie, who reportedly gave House a $1 million interest-free loan to buy the Bugatti. Philadelphia Indemnity claims House and Gillespie conspired to defraud the company in order to double the $1 million investment.

The company also says that its investigation uncovered a confidential informant who said that before the lagoon crash, House offered to pay him to steal the car and burn it in order to collect the insurance money.

“However, apparently Mr. House instead drove the car into the lagoon without the confidential informant’s assistance,” the complaint reads. “The confidential informant indicated that he believed Mr. House and Mr. Gillespie acted in coordination in this matter,” Philadelphia Indemnity added.