Wanna make the surrounding people crazy? Want extra respect from the people in your life? It’s easy; just have BMW X6 Interceptor at your home.

This solution might be an expensive one, but seeing the pictures of this heavenly beauty, you mind will be mesmerized and will overtake your pocket for sure. This Russian designed car which is created by Zaur Khalilov of Moscow is one of the huge wonder that is exposed by BMW. This terrific twinkling kit of BMW is available in this world in two dynamic versions. The Normal version priced at $9689 and the superior carbon fiber version at $12,951.


The flashy design of the car is enriched with four fog lights, new side sills, rear trunk spoiler and new rear bumper with integrated exhaust systems. The exclusive specialty of this Russian Glamorous doll is being created with the help of 3D project fully. The BBS wheels are creating massive impact on the car viewers. BMW is well known and trusted for their amazing strength of cars and performances. The performance of this BMW X6 Interceptor will brush down all the hurdles that were felt in the previous models of BMW as this car is almost single handedly created by Zaur Khalilov after taking quite knowledgeable survey of taste of the people and even the shortcomings of the previous models.


BMW X6 is available in the markets and handsomely appreciated by the car lovers. Here we have represented some of the best collection of views of this new dimension creator 3 Dimension car. Have the preview, review and let others have the view of your gorgeous BMW X6 Interceptor.






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