2010 Ferrari sales: up 5.4 per cent over 2009 image

The Italian automaker announced today that 2010 was an extremely positive year for Ferrari, with a number of figures exceeding those achieved in 2008 – Ferrari’s best year ever.

Cars delivered to the sales network were 6, 573, a figure representing a 5.4 per cent increase over 2009, and Ferrari’s highest sales figure ever. This excellent result is mainly attributable to the extraordinary growth seen on emerging markets, especially in Asia, and the return of the United States market to record levels.

Net revenues for the year topped 1,919 million Euros (+7.9 per cent) and the year’s trading profit topped 302.7 million Euro (+26.9 per cent).

The results are due to the huge success encountered by the different models in the range. The California, for example, is winning over more and more customers thanks to HELE, the system that, along with Stop&Start technology, reduces CO2 emissions by 23 per cent by guaranteeing maximum efficiency through the intelligent control of vehicle components. The 458 Italia went on sale in 2010 and immediately captured the attention of the market and the praise of critics to become the reference model in its segment, taking the world’s most coveted awards.

The limited edition 599 GTO also proved extremely successful, with all 599 examples being sold even before the car was officially presented at the Beijing Auto Show. Ferrari’s personalisation business also made a significant contribution, with a second Atelier being opened in Maranello, as well as one in Tokyo and another in New York.

Breaking sales down into geographic areas, China grew by 43.6 per cent with nearly 300 cars sold, setting a new record. If we add Hong Kong and Taiwan, and consider the so-called Greater China area, this total rises to 478 cars (+23.8 per cent). This figure puts the Asian market in fourth place in terms of sales worldwide.

The Middle Eastern countries also performed extremely well. 349 cars were sold, maintaining the excellent level set last year, despite the still challenging economic conditions

The United States also set a new record by registering 12.7 per cent growth and selling 1,576 cars. North America as a region (including the United States and Canada) confirm its position of main market, accounting for 26 per cent of sales.

The European markets, which have not experienced the long-awaited economic recovery, nevertheless remained substantially stable. In particular, the UK took 467 cars, 58 more than in 2009. The signs coming from Eastern Europe were also positive. Though the region is still only marginal in terms of overall sales, it nevertheless recorded a growth of almost 5 per cent.