2010 Infiniti G Sedan and Coupe prices image

Infiniti today announced pricing on the 2010 Infiniti G37 Sedan and G37 Coupe, which are on sale now at Infiniti retailers nationwide.

For 2010, the G Sedan, Infiniti’s top-selling model, features revised exterior styling, an enhanced interior treatment and upgraded technology features. The 2010 G Coupe also enters 2010 with a number of significant enhancements, including a revised interior and upgraded navigation and entertainment systems.

The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP)* for the four available 2010 Infiniti G37 Sedan models are:

G37 Sedan                $33,250 USD

G37 Sedan Journey        $34,450 USD

G37x Sedan AWD           $36,050 USD

G37 Sedan Sport 6MT      $37,000 USD

The MSRPs for the four available 2010 Infiniti G37 Coupe models are:

G37 Coupe                   $36,050 USD

G37 Coupe Journey           $37,500 USD

G37x Coupe AWD              $39,150 USD

G37 Coupe Sport 6MT         $40,400 USD

The 2010 Infiniti G37 Convertible, which shares many of the G Sedan and Coupe interior enhancements, will be available in early February 2010.

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