2010 Porsche Panamera by Hofele image

Hofele-Design, the german tuning company, has revealed their take on the Porsche Panamera. Named Rivage GT 970, Panamera from Hofele comes with a complete body kit with a front bumper with bigger and higher air vents, a distinctive front grill from the Cayenne Turbo and LED-daytime running light / indicator elements.
The Hofele Porsche Panamera is also equipped with an electronic lowering module for its suspension and upgraded brakes with six -piston caliper and large cross-drilled , vented rotors.


There is also the Hofele 4 tube stainless steel sports muffler that has supportive sound. To the left and right of the bumper and situated at the center are two air vents with lamellas. This design feature breaks the “high tail” of the Panamera thereby making the rear even more interesting.