Called the AS8, this more powerful A8 TDI is the first of the tuner’s upcoming high-performance road “gliders.”

The 2011 A8 has a 4.2-liter V8 TDI engine. ABT Sportsline used this as the based and tweaked the turbo diesel engine boost the performance output. Because of this performance improvement exercise, the power levels have gained from 350HP to 385HP whereas the torque levels have increased to 880Nm or 649 lb-ft at its peak. With the new changes, the time while the German limousine sprints from 0-60 mph have down to 5 seconds.

The body kit has constituted a redesigned front bumper of the car, new side skirts, an air deflector that puts a new light discharge with four tailpipes and a discreet rear spoiler positioned on the trunk. In all this German equation could not miss classic ABT CR 20 or 21 inches wheels.


“The changes that we have made were not intended to change the character of this car. We wanted to emphasize the elegance of this model.” said Hans-Juergen, general manager of Abt Sportsline.





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