2011 BMW M3 GTS By G-Power image

The BMW M3 GTS seams to have all it takes for being the ultimate BMW M3: it has a lightweight body, it has a lot of carbon aerodynamic parts, comes with titanium exhaust, racing suspension and even roll cage inside. However, even with all this updates, it has only 30 hp over a standard M3, but it costs almost twice as much the normal M3. The solution comes from the german tuning specialist G-Power.

2011 BMW M3 GTS with G-Power updates will put on the road over 600 Hp! This is the ultimate M3 Gts.
A specially adapted version of G-POWER’s SK II CS supercharger system pushes the factory output of 450hp to a more suitable 6XXhp.


After this modification the BMW M3 GTS can finally show the armada of Porsche 911 GT3 RS who’s the boss at the various clubsport racing events.

Right now the first of the announced BMW M3 GTS has just arrived at G-POWER. Two more are already on their way. So a little piece of advice for the “competitors” of the G-POWER trained BMW M3 GTS: prepare yourself for a rough ride…

Anyway this remain to be seen …