BMW has apparently reached its peak back in 2011 when the German based automaker launched several new models and if you’ve missed them, you can check them out below in our review.

BMW 1-SERIES / 1M Coupe

and since the “one” number is the first one in its name, we’ll start with the 1-Series. The new generation of the 1-Series hatchback, codenamed the F20, has debuted in Spring 2011 and hit the European auto markets in autumn, the same year, but those of you who have waited for the three-door version, will have to be patient just a little more, because 1-Series three-door variant of the hatchback will be available in 2012. Next on our list is the BMW 1M Coupe, one of the hottest cars launched in 2011, a pocket rocket and every petrol head’s dream of an everyday car. The 1M Coupe is actually quicker than the M3 Coupe on several tracks, it’s Top Gear Richard Hammond’s car of the year and it’s definitely in our top 10 cars of all times.


BMW 3-Series / M3

P90083307The new generation of the 3-Series has been launched in the autumn of 2011 and it was well received by the company’s fans. The new generation of the 3-Series has been named the most important car of the year by BMW and even if the model has been presented to the public in Munich in October, deliveries will actually begin in 2012. Next in our news is the E90 M3 sedan, whose production ended in October because of the new generation, which will be based on the 2012 3-Series, and even if we don’t have any official details on it, we know that a 4.4 liter twin-turbo engine might be placed under its hood.


P90078330The BMW M5 F10 is definitely a hot ride and the company showed us a glimpse of it back in April. The new generation of the BMW M5 has been revealed at the M Festival held at the Nurburgring and, as you probably already knew, power to the model comes from 4.4 liter twin scroll twin turbo V8 engine which is developing a total output of 560 HP, which is helping the model accelerate form 0 to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds, with the quarter mile being done in 12.0 seconds, at a top speed of 122 mph.

BMW 6-Series Coupe / Gran Coupe

P90071183The BMW 6-Series in its new generation and coming in new versions, like the Gran Coupe, was definitely a surprise for the BMW enthusiasts. As you probably remember, the new generation of the 6-Series Coupe has been launched in 2011, hitting the market in summer, but this wasn’t the most expected version of the model, and the title went to the Gran Coupe. The new BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe model has been presented to the public in late 2011, and the vehicle is expected to go on sale for a starting price of around 80.000 EUR, which is actually quite expensive compared to the competition.



bmw-i3-i8In terms of technology, the “i” division, with the i3 and i8, is previewing us the future of the company and the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show was the place where the two models were officially presented to the public. The i3 and i8 will hit the market in late 2013 and early 2014. 2011 also meant an new engine for the BMW Z4, in the shape of a 2.0 liter twin power turbocharged inline 4, which is developing a total output of 240 HP and has a peak torque of 260 lb-ft.


If you thought that 2011 has brought everything for BMW and 2012 has nothing more to offer than you’re wrong because the new generation of the 3-Series will hit the dealerships in the spring and more models will be launched this year, like the new M3, the new M6, the refreshed BMW X6, and rumors say that the 4-Series, X2 and X4 have all the chances of hitting the production line. So stay tuned on for updates.


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