Dodge hasn’t made any changes to the drivetrain on R/T models, but the fact that there’s a 5.7-liter Hemi V8 with an estimated 370 horsepower available at all for the 2011 model year should make you happy.

Well these are the official facts: 370 bhp and 395 lb.-ft. of torque.

But just how accurate are those numbers?

Well let’s see. Inside Line put the Charger R/T to the test on their dyno, and it appears Chrysler may be underplaying its hand.

The Charger generates a peak of 393 lb-ft at 4260 rpm, while turning out more than 350 lb-ft at any point north of 2800 rpm. Its power peak of 360 horsepower arrives right at the 5300 rpm rev limit. Note that this is lower than the 5800 rpm in Dodge’s literature due to a 140-and-change mph speed limiter encountered while on the dyno.

The Charger R/T can be had with an active all-wheel drive system that is capable of depriving the front drive shafts of engine torque as necessary, depending on road conditions. The result is a setup that can also bump overall fuel economy by up to five percent, conditions permitting.


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