2011 Jaguar XK E-Type Celebration: Special Edition on its 50th Anniversary image

Jaguar E-Type that was once taken breathes of many enthusiasts in 1964 was restored successfully and now the Jaguar Italy is celebrating its 50th anniversary enthusiastically.

The E-Type’s anniversary is celebrating with the launch of a special edition and is named as XE E-Type Celebration. Though this special edition will be confined to only 50 units, but will proudly declare its success in front of all. Each unit will be priced at 100,300 euro or $144,000 (as per the current exchange rates).

This new model will be available in a Black Cherry color. To flaunt its beauty, the car will receive support just from a black hood as well as Tamana 19″ Red Badge Jaguar Heritage wheels. This black paint job will get merged with the wing mirrors, chrome insertions used on the front grilles, air intakes, and window surrounds. As far as the interior of the Jaguar XE E-Type Celebration is concerned, it will get an extraordinary blend of Ivory and Charcoal.

To enhance the superior look of this model, a special ‘Jaguar Heritage’ logo will be used on the headrest of the seat.

The covers of the seat are adorned in hammered leather and the bridge’s inserts are of aluminum that highlight its attraction through the brand-new Engine Spin finish.

The most fascinating part in this deal is that every customer who will buy the Jaguar XE E-type Celebration will be offered with a chance to drive a historic E-type model for a week. Now who will regret having pleasure of the most awaited legendary model? This is a great deal if you ask us, since just a glimpse and a touch of this historic model which gains its position in a museum is matter of luck.


Written by Sunita Mandal