2011 KTM X-Bow R: The Killer Beauty! image

KTM has revealed the secrets of its monstrous X-Bow. Its new R version will boast an Audi sourced engine from the S3. Though the engine will remain same, it will deliver 300 HP for the X-Bow R rather than just providing 265 HP.

The X-Bow R has got all the beauty of a sports car with lowered position and a modified mounting of the engine which will offer the driver even higher cornering speeds along with augmented driving precision

Each set of packages consist of a vast number of fully new developed parts. These parts then dramatically enhance the performance of the car. Most of these parts will be available independently in the PowerParts program. So, all the present KTM X-BOW owners will receive advantage of the new developments.

Exterior and Interior: The car holds a carbon fiber racing monocoque with a crash box, individually adjustable pedals, adjustable and removable multi-functional steering wheel, painted rims, special paint work in the “R” design, 4-point safety belts, and smooth surface racing underbody that is available with a rear diffuser in aluminium composite.

Engine: 2.0 liter displacement increases the performance of this beautiful but aggressive car that delivers a total of 300 horsepower and 295 lbs-ft of torque. Both the suspension on the rear axle and the push rod suspension on the front that comes directly from the Formula racing sport have been modified.

Prices: For the US, the KTM X-Bow has officially set with its pricing. The base “Street” model of the X-Bow is priced at $88,500. Besides, the “Clubsport” edition of the X-Bow costs $103,500 and the Superlight Edition at $134,000. There is one more on the list – the cream-of-the-crop GT4 Edition is also set at $139,000.In Europe, the KTM X-Bow R is priced at $83,800 (as per the current exchange rate) that is 58,795 euro.



By Sunita Mandal