2011 LE MANS: Peugeot Unveils 908 Hybrid4 image

It’s here. Peugeot officially confirmed Tuesday that it is working on a hybrid version of its new 908 diesel-powered prototype.

If all goes well, the experimental hybrid could participate in the official Le Mans 24 Hours test day on April 24, according to Peugeot press information.

The new system employed by the Peugeot 908 HYbrid4 recovers and stores the kinetic energy generated under braking, before feeding it back into the driveline during acceleration. Using this recovered energy in this way significantly improves the efficiency of the power-train.



The 60-kilowatt, or 80-hp, Peugeot hybrid system uses lithium-ion batteries. Energy retrieved under braking is delivered automatically back to the driven wheels, because Le Mans rules do not allow a “push to pass” function.


Peugeot 908 HYbrid4 – Technical Data

Chassis: Carbon monocoque

Sequential, hydraulic, six forward speeds plus reverse

Internal combustion engine
Diesel, V8 HDi FAP
Cubic capacity: 3.7 litres
Power: 550 horsepower

Hybrid system:
Power: 60kW (80hp)*

* During energy delivery phases only

Delivery of recovered energy:

§  To the rear wheels;

§  500kJ between two braking phases;

§  Energy stored in lithium-ion batteries;

§  Automatic delivery of energy under acceleration (no “push to pass” function).

It is also possible to use the electric mode only along the pit lane.

Length: 4,640mm
Width: 2,000mm
Wheelbase: 2,950mm
Height: 1,030mm
Weight: 900kg