2011 output rises Hyundai Czech Plant image

Hyundai Motors Czech auto assembly plant had to raise production from 200, 000 vehicles per year in 2010 to 251, 000 in 2011, as company officials stated on Tuesday.

Almost all production is destined for export, 97 percent to be more precisely. And the total production for the factory is destined to be at about 300,000 vehicles per year.

Hyundai owns one of the three total car plants in the Czech Republic, which makes the automotive industry an important player in an export base economy. The main export market is Western and Central Europe, Eastern Europe being covered by a new plant being built in Russia.

The expansion plan for the Czech Plant also means more shifts to be included in the schedule. The i30 among other 2 models are built. The plant is also affiliate to Kia Motors Slovakia, 85 km away, and benefits from synergies from the close proximity, sharing suppliers.

It is anticipated that 674 jobs will be created bringing the total number of workers to 3,520. At the supplier level it is estimated that about 4,000 jobs will be created providing a significant growth to the Czech economy.

The goal is to boost sales by 6 percent this to a combined 7 million vehicles for Hyundai and affiliate Kia Motors. A more modest increase for the high sales experienced in recent years.