2011 REITER Lamborghini Gallardo LP600  image

Reiter, the racing specialist has just announced that they unveiled the Gallardo LP600+ .

Powered by the 5211cc V10-engine, Reiter Lamborghini LP600+ comes with a variable geometry intake system, four overhead camshafts distribution, three water radiators, and a fully programmable, electronic power management (OBR).


Other updated for the circuit ready Gallardo includes a new exhaust system, a new engine bonnet and a new gear ratio.
As about it’s price, Reiter Lamborghini LP600+ will cost 288.500 euros.


Reiter Lamborghini LP600+ TECHNICAL DETAILS:
EngineType:V-10 90 degree,
mid mounted (longitudinal)
Distribution:Four overhead camshafts
Capacity:5211 cc
Bore & stroke:84.51 x 92.8 mm
Intake system:Variable geometry
Valve gear:Chain driven, intake and exhaust continuously variable
valve timing, electronically controlled
Max. power:600+hp at 8000 rpm
Cooling system:Three water radiators with new air exit ducts forward of front
wheels, improved cooling efficiency, gearbox oil cooling through heat exchanger system, engine oil cooler
Engine management:EFI Euro 12
Power management Fully programmable, electronic power management (OBR)
Up-Dates 2011:Race engine, new front splitter, new gear ratio, new exhaust system,
new engine bonnet design
Wheelbase: 2560 mm (100.7 in)
Overall length: 4345 mm (169.3 in)
Overall width:1920 mm
Overall height:1100 mm
Front track:1643 mm
Rear track:1592 mm (62.7 in)
Ground clearance40 mm
Weight:1190 kg
Distribution:43/57 % front/rear
Air intake system:Revised engine air intake system
Electrical system:12 V
Lubrication: Racing dry sump system
Compression ratio: 12.5: 1
Fuel cellFT3 specification 130 ltracing fuel cell
Cockpit Carbon look Interior
Door windows in Makrolon
Carbon inner door panel
Large racing display replacing original display
Structure:Lightweight, structural aluminium space frame, based on aluminium extruded
parts welded to aluminium caster joint elements, structural
reinforcements at suspension pick up points
Body: Aluminium with thermoplastic ‘retro-fit’ parts, racing front fenders,
Air exit-ducts in front bumper,
Suspension:REITER Engineering double wishbone front and rear suspension, anti-roll bar, anti-dive and anti squat, racing shocks and springs, race front and rear
uprights based on GT1
ABS:Racing ABS system
Traction control:Engine control/cut
Brakes:Ventilated racing discs,
AP brake system
Steering type:Electric-Power-assisted steering, rack and pinion
Front tyre:300/650 –18 Racing slick
Rear tyre:310/710 –18 Racing slick
Front rim size:11 x 18 inch magnesium wheel
Rear rim size:12.5 x 18 inch magnesium wheel
Rear spoiler:High down force racing wing
Front spoiler:Front splitter with integral double under floor diffusers,
Splitter covers complete frontal under floor
Under body:Flat under floor with rear diffuser