2011 Saab Nespresso Design Study created by a student image

The world for Saab is almost like an alien where Saab is continuously trying to come out of the mess and live a healthy life in the automotive world.

In order to find a powerful way and to prove its stronger presence, a particular concept study is created which is a combination of Saab and Nespresso designs. It is not any company, but a student named Eric Leong from Umea University has designed this concept project which is sponsored by Saab. Leong actually wanted to design a car which could take its inspiration from a non-automotive source such as a Nestle-owned company Nespresso. Nespresso is based on selling espresso machines.

This young and creative student has mixed the design elements as well as characteristics which are found on coupes, pick-ups, and hatchbacks. The student has also focused on the Saab styling cues that he wanted to be added which comprises the aviation-inspired elements such as a roofline design resembles the Saab 9-X BioHybrid Concept, hockey-stick C-pillar, and a wraparound DLO.

All the Nespresso-inspired elements can be traced on the car’s rear end with its supple, dual storage compartment. Similarly, few other additions in the design include cushions to serve as the substitute materials for creating open air and top deck panels.

The best part is the same 9-X BioHybrid Concept-inspired roof which is enclosed with solar panels and when the car is parked, it serves as the powering option to the owner’s house. Though we are not confirmed about the functionality of this last feature, but the entire design of the Saab Nespressio study gives us a clue about the future car only if the Swedish brand schedules its plan and stand on the safer ground.





By Sunita Mandal