Once destroyed little Beetle is once again got a chance to breath. This pretty car, 2011 Volkswagen Beetle EV “Black Current” is been modified and brought back from dead by Oliver Young.

The most fascinating part of this car is that it’s an electric vehicle and people these days are getting attracted towards such small, classic, and unique vehicles. This vehicle was once underwent serious damage on the drag strip by making it the first street-bodied EV to sprint a nine-second in quarter-mile time. However, this car was once destroyed a Tesla Roadster on a drag strip.

Well, it is not the fastest quarter mile time that was ever posted by an EV. It was the Current Eliminator that has covered the similar distance in just seven seconds at 160 mph. Still, the Black Current holds the record of becoming the fastest ‘street-bodied’ EV in all over the world. At present, Oliver Young is trying every way possible to make his Black Current Beetle EV a grand success and also preparing for its exposure in the drag racing world, where people have never heard of this car since more than a decade.

The shape of Volkswagen Beetle Black Current might be just like a stock-bodied Beetle, but few elements will be added to make the car lighter in weight such as fiber glass rear wings, fiber glass front, and acrylic windows. Chassis of the car has got Full Chromoly and the interior paneling wrapped in rolled aluminum.

Enthusiasts who are waiting to grab this car will be disappointed to know that this car is not for sale.

By Sunita Mandal


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