2011 VW Jetta to Turn Hybrid image

The 2011 Volkswagen Jetta received a pretty warm welcome into the world yesterday, but there is more to come from V-dub’s compact sedan.

VW says that a hybrid version will be available in 2012. Not many details on it yet, except that VW says that it will be “best in class”, but that this class doesn’t include the Toyota Prius. So we can probably expect something a bit lower than the Prius hybrid’s combined 50 MPG (according to the EPA).

“VW as a brand takes the electrification of the automobile very seriously, and we have a longtime strategy for growing that business,” Mr. Bennett said. “The Jetta hybrid is our first entry in that strategy.”

The new entry-level car, and the coming hybrid, will considerably broaden the Jetta’s appeal in previously unexplored markets. And that should help the company on the lower end of the spectrum, where it has experienced some sales challenges.