2012 Audi A2 will be an Electric-only model image

There is a craze for hatchbacks in the market, as they are functional, fun, and normally fuel-efficient. While Audi lovers are waiting for its new model to be unveiled, the company will enter into their hearts with its powerful and magnificent model Audi A2. Car lovers will go crazy when they will see the 2012 Audi A2 model. However, until 2012, everyone have to wait and see whether the buzzing news is just a rumor or a fact.

Until now, everyone knows that Audi will launch a new Electric-only Audi A2 in the year 2012. If this really happens then the model will be even more fuel efficient, as it will be offered as an electric-only model. In fact, this sounds like the German automaker is set to offer this model in its electric powertrain configuration. Well, there will be no gas and no diesel – Just pure electric. May in future, the electric cars will not stay in the limelight, but sound like will be a good mediator. This car will compete directly to the BMW Megacity, which will make its debut in the year 2013. As Audi will be launched a year earlier as compared to BMW, it can make its way ahead on the competition.

Ruper Stadler, Audi chairman, has said that the electric drive is the top priority of the company. If this car will get more admiration, no doubt, the electric cars will be a good alternative to the cars that are powered by the fossil fuels. The car will be original, all-aluminum Audi A2, with its head made up of lightweight design. One thing has also revealed that the car will have extended-range EV hardware that will boast under the hood of the A1 e-tron concept, which was shown at the Geneva Motor Show. The e-tron will boost the car with its whooping 60 horsepower electric motor, which will be merged with a 330-pound lithium ion battery pack. The extended range part of the A1 e-tron concept will come with a small and powerful rotary engine that will function as a generator at the time when battery pack will be reduced.

Audi has quoted that the EV range of the A1 e-tron concept will run at a distance of nearly 33 miles each charge. So wait and watch the show of Audi A2 when it will launch in the market and how much popularity it gains from the car lovers.